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existence is vibration :: life is imagination :: never stop playing

red lunar skywalker
I had thought that I had created a new bio, but I guess not. The original, located here, certainly reflects the spirit of what I believe. In addition, it is good to know my understood intent of existence. Following that is my take on the glass of water. There's a reason these are at the top of every page on this digital identity.

Perspective is a function of worldview. There are as many worldviews as there are individuals on this blue globe. Unfortunately, the panopticon of the focus of our current media campaigns to reduce individuals to but a common mass. New media gives us the ability to extend our perspectives beyond the panoptic cell that we have been reduced to.

So my understood intent of existence is to write stories that hopefully challenge people to rethink things they take for granted. We invent our own future. Personal evolution becomes ever more important as we take accountability for our global footprint, as our future is already grim. It is up to the individual to find their purpose, their mission. If one is not evolving, we are dead to ourselves and to our future. Spirit is found when we take action and enjoy our capacity for free will in the pursuit of passion. If we cling to concepts of predetermined destiny it will lead us into an apathetic world we create where we have no capacity for free will.

Technology is today's trend, and technology has no soul. Of this we need to be careful, for technology really does have the potential to remove our concept of free will. Instead of the immoral initial intent of new technologies, we need to focus on moral applications of our new technologies, for technology by nature is amoral.

Every page on what you perceive as a "blog" before you is a facet of a digital identity. Some of it is news, indicating awareness at a certain point in Time. Some of it is creative. Some of it includes essays and other writings including interfiction establishments and experiments in blogfic. This digital identity you have found will reflect what I am aware of and my creative energies. Born indigo during an early wave on the Cusp of Magic, I understand how technology works, yet know that it is the green song of the vibration of love that binds reality together. Welcome to my playground.

kin 93 - lunar sky walker

i polarize in order to explore
stabilizing wakefulness
i seal the output of space
with the lunar tone of challenge
i am guided by the power of life force

Kudos to </a></b></a>bentfire for the Avatar: The Last Airbender moodicon set.