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March 2013




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Gemini-Cancer Cusp

Gemini-Cancer Cusp

The Cusp of Magic
June 19-24

Zodiac Position - Approx. 27° Gemini - 4° Cancer
Seasons - Late spring/Early summer
Elements - Air/Water
Rulers - Mercury/The Moon
Symbols - The Twins/The Crab
Modes - Thought/Feeling
Strengths - affectionate, seductive, objective
Weaknesses - isolated, selfish, demanding

The Gemini-Cancer cusp is an admixture of the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, and the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer. This cusp can be symbolically likened to the period around twenty-one years of age in the human life, and it marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. The Gemini-Cancer cusp may be said to represent Magic. During this period of the year, many plants are coming into lush, full bloom. The day is longer and the night shorter than at any other point in the year. This is the time of traditionally magical "midsummer's eve," a warm, enchanted night, replete with bewitching smells and sounds, on which supernatural events take place. In human development, at the age of twenty-one, adolescence is over and adulthood is said to begin. Magic particularly plays a key role in terms of the magnetic power of love and the enchantment of romance. The young adult experiences an almost childlike wonder and awe at the beauty of the world and the horizons that have opened up.

Those born during the magical cusp of the summer solstice quickly fall under the spell of enchantment. Romantic and inspirational, Gemini-Cancers often put their talents and energies in service of a higher purpose, be it family, religion, philosophy, arts, or political or social causes. Because they can wholeheartedly throw themselves into devotional activities, those born on this cusp often appear as mild, even self-effacing. For many if these individuals, anonymity is a goal in any career they follow. There are also more aggressive Gemini-Cancers, however, who become assertive as they mature and have few problems letting the world know who they are.

Easily seduced, Gemini-Cancers can also enchant others, whether consciously or unconsciously; these seductive individuals may have a sweetly innocent charm. They must be wary of being imposed upon, but they usually have good defense instincts, and in the emotional sphere even mild Gemini-Cancers will gently lay down guidelines that should not be overstepped. The more aggressive Gemini-Cancers are often aware of their persuasive powers, which they may use without qualm to get their way, even when other individuals are hurt in the process.

Although possessed of charm and magnetism, Gemini-Cancers can be remarkably cool customers. They have a useful objectivity, and their reasoning powers make an effective foil to their deep emotions. Influenced by both Gemini and Cancer, they are in face an interesting blend of logic and feeling. When those born on this cusp make an appeal to the emotions of others, they do so in a detached, thoughtful way. Not easily upset, they inspire confidence through their sympathy, concern and willingness to help. Summer-solstice people have a way of entering the hearts of those they love, and a reluctance to give up their position there, even when separations prove necessary.

Gemini-Cancers tend to be private people who will not easily grant access to their inner world. They frequently do best when they are able to work at home, and they often set up their home as a kind of retreat or sanctuary. To be allowed to share the living space of a Gemini-Cancer implies great trust and respect. An invitation to visit this highly personal world is more often felt as a true gift, or the reflection of a desire to share, than as a sign of ostentation or of a need for sociability.

Gemini-Cancers must beware of isolating themselves from the society around them and living in an unproductive dreamworld. Such detachment will hold them back in their personal and spiritual development, and toward the end of their lives they may view it as a sign of failure. Since staying in touch with reality is especially important for Gemini-Cancers, they may find friends and lovers who are more extroverted then they are, an essential link to the world. They should also beware of a kind of passive selfishness, in which it seems to others that they think the world revolves around them and that they constantly demand attention, if without saying so. Their special needs and wants as sensitive individuals can impose heavy demands on their friends and intimates, who may at the same time find themselves denying their own emotional and physical requirements.

No area is more important to Gemini-Cancers than love. They see love as a primary reason to live, one that may get them through many a difficult period. Forced to choose between love on one hand and wealth or power on the other, those born in this week usually choose the former. Many Gemini-Cancers are quite able to love from afar; platonic love has a special meaning for them. Others see the possession of the love object as a necessary and blissful consummation, but they, too, are patient in the pursuit. Quiet persistence and a belief in their powers can guarantee them success.

Gemini-Cancers have a tremendous capacity for love but are equally capable of withholding it. No matter how deeply in love they fall, they are masters of their emotions and can consequently be very dangerous people to be involved with. You must listen to them carefully, for although they can give their hearts fully, the fact that they are spending their time with you is no guarantee that they have done so. Gemini-Cancers are capable of a wide range of personal interaction, from acquaintances and friendships to full-blown passion. Each relationship will have its own structure, including what is and is not allowed in the area of physical contact. Sensitivity to such laws is definitely a prerequisite for the relationship's future.

Gemini-Cancers can be nurturing parents, but many will think twice before they make the lifelong commitment of having children. This may be because, as children, they tend to enjoy the warmth of a close family; they can suffer terribly in conditions of marital strife or divorce. They have a tendency to idolize at least one of their parents, and to need to get along with their parents once they are grown. It is not surprising then, that once they decided they are truly in love (generally an important prerequisite to commitment for them), they can make faithful and devoted mates. Never take the romantic needs of one born on the Cusp of Magic for granted, however; candlelight dinners, vacations in glamorous locations, and the occasional spontaneous gift are all musts to keep the flame bright.


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